Sadie’s pre-dinner music can set the stage for our sweet and sour notes on the first bread attempt!
Aaaaaaand here’s the skinny on BREAD LOAF #1:

It was low on the ARTISAN,  high on the ease!
We threw it altogether with a one, two, three.
30 seconds to make… 50 minutes to bake…
‘Twas a little like a brick, but tasted LOTS LIKE CAKE!

We literally stood there and laughed at it when it came out of the oven.  J Michael even called it “funny bread.”  It was rock hard on the outside and I just knew I had done something very wrong!  We were going to try this though; we had to! 
We knocked on the top, “Knock Knock!”  “Who’s there?”  “Let’s find out if it’s tasty bread!” and then I sawed through it with my new infomercial bread knife from Mom! (Thanks, Mom! Worked great!) Finally with warm butter (of course), we all went for it… chewy on the outside, and TO MY SURPRISE, it was so delish that every one of us had to enjoy seconds!  
I guess what I learned from this rock-solid-funny start to bread-making is this: it really does NOT have to take very much time to liven up the house with some tasty bread in the kitchen.  In the same way, a little bit of time and love in those around us, goes a very very long way each day!
(Unless in haste I followed the directions wrong, it was just *add the sparkle & stir.*  Maybe I over-stirred?  Perhaps 20-30 seconds just seemed too short?  I truly don’t know… but most good things take time right?)
I can already see with  the making of bread, that it will require more of me if I want to actually bake a loaf that I would feel excited about giving away as a work of art.  And as for elevating the family, getting them to rise above who they believe they can be, it will take my personal time… and consistency.  Kids are not just picked up off the “ready-made” shelf, already prepackaged and preserved.
So I wonder what artistry uniquely lies in wait within the walls of “Mr. Condo,” and what will my personal response be in helping to bring it out?  
  • What have I assumed of my family, based only on what I see in them or think of them?  
  • What is actually given to them by God that has yet to be discovered? 
  • “Knock! Knock! Who’s really there?”

Oh, that I can help Mike, J. Michael, and Sadiella rise to their highest level of artistry!

Here are the kids, toasting (with lids) “blueberry juice sparkle,” made from the leftover bubbly water!  What a treat!
So, onward and breadward we shall go… and in the meantime, we have a super-fun and easy bread to bake that will get us laughing every time we make it within these four walls, especially on days when we barely have a skinny minute to spare.

(Thank you Cathy!  I will be ordering plenty of that bread mix, so that we can “try & try again!!!”  I’m a little worried though that I could goof up something so fool-proof!   So maybe the next go with that mix will be muffins or shortcake…)
Announcement: We will be having our first Cre8 Family night in October… stay tuned!  Hint:  It’s for people who have hit the school year and just wish for a little Something S’More!
When I Ran Out, Mike Ran Out
A little Short Bread, On-the-Go