I wanted to write a short post for you, and yet this one took me forever to write!??!  Go figure!
UPDATE: You’ll be happy to know that Mike has not yet had to go to the grocery store since I started the Fresh Bread Challenge!    ***All manner of bells and whistles resounding***   We took a trip to Ohio last week and visited family, which admittedly worked in my favor.  However tonight I am actually not dreading making a grocery list for tomorrow, so this is progress.  I hope it continues.
No, this is not an egg; it is a lonely little pat of butter.
On one of our day trips, I SPIED with my little eye a house that caught my attention.  We were driving too quickly for me to grab my phone and take a picture, and I have been kicking myself ever since for not turning around to snap one to share with you.  Someone had painted this phrase very sloppily on a piece of wood, then stuck it in their front yard, crooked: I don’t even butter my bread; I consider that cooking!” It’s a Katherine Cebrian quote.  Their yard was full of debris and old junk, and the house was in desperate need of some major TLC.  It made me wonder what the relational climate was like within those walls, and it gave me the reality check and confirmation that my efforts to cook and plan for my family are vital, communicating value to those around me.  With the image embedded in my brain, I came home to NC ready to face my kitchen.  Then we forged into a very busy weekend, and tomorrow will start my week of home-cooked meals.
I can only hope that the house we passed in Somewhereville, OH was in the shape it was in because that family is simply having too much good family time somewhere else!
With a busy travel schedule, we often have to create the family table outside of the home.
So on the go, whether at home or on the road, with bread, rice, crackers, or tortillas, you and I can create opportunities for family chatter and fun.  Here is a pic of Sadie devouring sushi with her very precise chop stix talent that her older brother greatly envies:
Who knows?  Maybe someday we’ll even try homemade sushi!
A few things are cooking within tomorrow’s list of things to do:
*Meal planning
*A grocery run
(That rhyme was unintentional, but ya’ll know I do love a good rhyme.)
So let the baking games begin!
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